Important Info About The Upcoming Into The Galaxy Box

UPDATED: Status of the Galaxy Box!

Hello, Polers!

First of all, thank you for being a subscriber! Polepunzel has been my baby for the past 2+ years and your support means the world to me! 

I sincerely apologize for this box coming out much later than originally planned. Polepunzel Box has been powered entirely by me since it started over 2 years ago- and while I love every glittery, booty-short-filled minute of it, rolling out 1000s of boxes from my living room can be a lot; especially when unforeseen life stuff and product issues get in the way. 

The mayhem of box-packing season.

The mayhem of box-packing season. 

I’ve been diligently curating the upcoming box, but also we still have to work around other vendors' production schedules. Vendor delays have been my biggest issue with my subscription box over the past couple years. I try to plan ahead to include these possibilities, but every box there seems to be a new issue I encounter that I need to figure out. 

All product has been ordered and I am waiting for it to arrive then boxes will start to ship out pending any vendor delays. 

(If you purchased any pre-order in April - September as an "extra spot", then your box may ship later than others.)

As a thank you for your patience, I have added a surprise in each box!

Also - get excited: this box will feature custom bottoms from Cleo the Hurricane! ⚡

Back in January, I announced that this would be the last Polepunzel Box, however, after gathering all your feedback, I've decided to work with a new team and new vendors to bring the box back bigger and better than ever in 2020!

Again, I apologize for the delay!

The upcoming Galaxy box will be the last FOR NOW. The current subscription system has been manually canceled as of April 13th, so the system will not charge you again. Once all the systems are moved over, an email will be sent out to each of you to restart your subscriptions if you choose and for new polers to also subscribe.

Got questions? We've got answers! Please reach out to us at

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead,

Kristina 💕
Founder & Owner @ Polepunzel 🦄

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