Inside the Fall Polepunzel Box 🍂 #GetYourGlowOn 💚

Welcome to the Glow Party 💚!

Halloween is coming up and I wanted a theme that would both work for Fall and my favorite holiday! 🎃 So I thought back to what I was doing this time last year and my poling progress Instagram reminded me that I went to this awesome Glow Pole Workshop in Los Angeles. I only had less than a week to prep and I had just started poling at this time so I didn't have much pole wear (*gasp* I know!) I bought a pair of UV reactive Pleasers on Amazon but couldn't find any kinda of neon top and bottoms for pole that would arrive in time! We didn't want our subscribers to also run into this problem! So for this neon and glow theme, we designed an outfit that would look amazing under blacklight!

I think this has been my favorite box outfit so far! I knew I wanted Cleo's Lime Slime Essentials Hot Pants from the beginning therefore we designed everything else around them! I had recently purchased Cleo's bottoms a couple months ago for myself and now I want to own them in every color and style! 😍 Skanky style here I come! I wanted to share my excitement on finding these bottoms with my subscribers! 

For the tank, we came up with this awesome neon poler silhouette. Show your pole pride! The Polepunzel poler is in one of my favorite poses! 😊 The green ink was matched with the bottoms and I am super excited to say this tank was printed with special Glow-in-the-Dark ink for an extra kick under blacklight!

Next up we have the tote bag! When I planned out the boxes for the year I knew that I wanted the 3rd box to get a tote. I know there aren't enough pole related totes out there to choose from and a tote was the first thing I bought when I started pole! It really helps!

With this tote you can bring the Glow Party with you to the studio (as well as your poling gear of course!) 😉 I wanted the tote to say POLE to show your #polepride on your way to the studio and the neon colors are there to make it POP! 

Each quarter we try to highlight a grip for polers! This season I was happy to come across Trick-Tac Grip! I have used it previously and it has worked well for me! I like Trick-Tac in particular because it's not just for hands, it's a body grip as well! This was another item I wanted to share with my subscribers!

Glow Sticks Glow Pole Box

Glow Sticks Fall Pole Box

Pole Glow Pin Button Pole Box

Glow Sticks! Duh! No glow party is complete without glow sticks, invite your pole sisters over for a glow party or snap them at your local glow workshop! I also included these little buttons to pin to your tote to #GetYourGlowOn! 

And last but not least, Neon Body Paint! My pole sis and I got to that glow workshop a little early and all the girls were sitting down painting each others face and body with neon body paint! It was a great way to get to know the girls  before the class since we were visiting from another studio! (We drove over 2 hours for this workshop! 😬)  The paint looked so awesome under all the black lights they had set up! I found these cute jars on NPW The top pink part is in the shape of a rose! 🌹 They are very bright on the body! 

I found the pics from my first #glow #workshop! This was the inspiration for the Fall Polepunzel Box! I took this workshop with my best pole sis almost 1 month after I took my first class ever (never poled or done any aerial arts or dancing before)! This workshop was at @thechoreographyhouse and it solidified my obsession with pole! I remember how hard it was to find a neon outfit for this and I didn't want my subscribers to have the same problem if a glow workshop popped up in your area! 😉😉😉 #GetYourGlowOn and enjoy your mini glow party in a box! 😍😍😍 💚💜💚 #polepunzel #polewear #pole #polefitness #poledancing #poleaddict #aerial #aerialist #polersofig #unitedbypole #polersofinstagram #poleninja #Polerina #cirque #circus #circuseverydamnday #circusaroundtheworld #polepunzelbox

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That's it for the Fall Glow Polepunzel Box! Up next will be the Winter Box ❄️ shipping in December! It's going to be a pretty chilly one! 😉
The Polepunzel Box is OPEN for subscriptions, but spots are limited!

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