Polepunzel's Unicorn Pool Party - What was inside the Summer Box?


The Summer Polepunzel Box

2017 has been the year of the Unicorns & Mermaids, but how does one pick from two totally magical themes?

Well it was hard and after many debates, the glittery Unicorns won! 🦄 (Sorry Mermaids, but don't worry there is always next Summer!)

Polepunzel Unicorn Pool Party Featuring PonyPosion

I was so happy to be able to commission PonyPoison for the main postcard for the Summer Box! I had seen her Pole and Aerial memes all over and I quite frequently catch myself linking them to my pole sisters! What a perfect design for the Unicorn Pole Pool Party theme!

I made the postcards extra large for this box so girls can hang them in their Pole Rooms!

Thank you Pony!

 Team Unicorn Pony Pool Party Sticker Pack with custom art by @PonyPoison: Retail $5.00 USD

While commissioning art for the postcard, I also asked for some individual ponies and unicorns so I can make a sticker sheet! How cute are these?! I've been sticking them on literally everything I own to show my #polepride.

 Sticker Packs


Team Unicorn Tank Top by Polepunzel

Team Unicorn Racerback Tank Top Design by Polepunzel: Retail $29.95 USD

After picking which theme I wanted, it was time to design the tank top!

It's hard to come up with something special yet something a lot of different girls are going to like! For example, the first attempt at design had the quote "I am a Unicorn in a field of Horses", but I didn't want to insult any horses! 😂

We decided on a unicorn rocking the pole and Team Unicorn in a pretty glittery font to match all the other glittery items! 

 Unicorn Booty Shorts by Gale Polewear

Unicorn Booty Short by Gale Polewear

Glittery Unicorn Booty Shorts by Gale Polewear: Retail $20.98 USD

Look at that sparkle! 😍 The moment I saw these I knew I wanted to build a box around them! I knew that I wanted to cover bums all over the world in glittery goodness! Colors came in glittery purple, pink, blue or blackish silver and match with the colors on the tank! 

 Eat. Sleep. Pole. Repeat. Tumbler.

 Eat. Sleep. Pole. Repeat. 16oz Skinny Tumbler made by Polepunzel: Retail $14.95 USD

I sneaked this tumbler for the Summer Box in the Spring Box! Show your Pole Pride at the pool or at the beach! 

These tumblers were handmade and took about 2 months for me to finish! 

Unicorn cup float

Unicorn Cup Float: Retail $9.99 USD

I think this item is my favorite in the box! Giant Unicorn Floats are this Summers latest craze so when I was able to snag these mini cup holder versions for the tumblers I squealed with joy! How perfect for a Unicorn Pool Party theme!

I love seeing everyones photos of their tumblers in their unicorn cup floats on location so keep posting! They really make my day!

Unicorn Slaybands

 Unicorn #Slaybands Elastic Hair Ties by Polepunzel: Retail $3.95 USD

These little guys were fun to make and first appeared in the Spring Box. I noticed in my pole classes that I never have hair bands when I need them and have to borrow from my pole sisters! I am hoping to alleviate that problem for other polers! #SLAYBANDS for all! 😘

SUGAR CLOUDS Unicorn Candy Horn Bubble Bar

SUGAR CLOUDS Unicorn Candy Horn Bubble Bar by Sugar Milk Co: Retail $7.25 USD

Glitter and candy!? Oh my! 

I like to include beauty/bath products to help ease away pole aches and pole kisses. When I saw this magical bath bar, I knew I just had to have it for my Summer theme! 

Unicorn Snot by FCTRY

Unicorn Snot by FCTRY

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel by FCTRY: Retail $9.99 USD

The Internet is absolutely blowing up over this stuff! Glitter yourself for your next student showcase or competition! It is safe for use on your eye lids, cheeks, lips, and hair! Colors for the Summer Box came in Pink, Purple, Green, Silver and Gold! Want another color? I have extras in the Shop!

Unicorn Sticker

Bonus: Unicorn Werkin' the Pole Sticker by Polepunzel: Retail $1 USD

These stickers were just something cute and extra I wanted to add! 😊

The design is based off a tank design from Polepunzel.com.

That's it for the Summer Box!

Up next is the Fall Box and I can't wait to reveal the theme soon! 

Thank you!

Kristina @ Polepunzel

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