Step into the Spring Box - Pole Like a Beast

Yay! Spring has come and Summer is almost here! Let's take a look at what I was able to put together for the Spring 2018 Polepunzel Box - Pole like a Beast! 
This Spring Season is all about Florals and Strength. I introduce to you the #PoleLikeaBeast Polepunzel Box!
  The Polepunzel Box - The Subscription Box for Pole Dancers Spring 2018 Box

This design is the front of the postcard included in every Polepunzel Box. 


The Polepunzel Box

The box was designed to match the theme this season. It has the nice mint, purple and floral theme that you'll see throughout the box!


The Spring 2018 Polepunzel Box
Everything in the Spring Box was custom made for the exception of one name brand product.



Polepunzel Box

"Strut Like a Beauty, Pole Like a Beast" by Polepunzel

Personally heat-pressed by Polepunzel on a pretty mint Bella & Canvas Flowy Racerback, this tank was custom designed just for the Spring Box! The florals and fonts matched the theme throughout the entire box. 



Cleo the Hurricane in Bloom Poler Bottoms

Cleo The Hurricane - In Bloom Bottoms

These gorgeous floral print was another amazing collaboration with Cleo the Hurricane! We needed something that matches our floral and mint theme and these were perfect!

While these were a special limited edition bottoms were for the box, she has some other awesome floral pieces in her shop! Go check it out!


 Pole Dancer Leg Warmers

Pole Dancer in Bloom Premium Leg Warmers by Polepunzel

Yay legwarmers! This was a nod to the original Spring Box which had it's first set of colorful leg warmers.

These leg warmers were custom made and the embroidery matches the florals and fonts with the rest of the box.

Handmade by Polepunzel.



PunzelGrip - Transparent Liquid Chalk Poler Grip

PunzelGrip - Transparent Liquid Chalk with Custom heart Carabiner

I am so excited about these! I was finally able to get custom grip made for the box! A lot of thought and planning went into this and the design and I am very happy with how they came out!

I wanted polers to be able to clip their grip wherever they need to as I find myself needing it near me. I had custom carabiners made in a heart shape in Polepunzel pink.



Winnies RipFix

RipFix is the only product on the market that is made by a family of athletes for over three generations.

It takes the sting out of a rip instantly so you can quickly get back to training.

To use, simply apply to affected area soon after a rip occurs and every night before bed until healed.



 That about sums it up for the Spring 2018 Season's Polepunzel Box! A lot of thought and planning went into each element and I really hope you loved it!

Don't miss out on what I have planned for the next box!

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