Inside the Winter Polepunzel Box

Hi guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!  
This Winter Season is all about metallics, velvets and staying warm! This seasons box was curated with all of those things in mind! I introduce to you the #PoleVideosandChill Polepunzel Box!
Pole Videos and Chill Winter Polepunzel Box - Subscription Club for Pole Dancers
This design is the front of the postcard included in every Polepunzel Box. How cute is this? I have it hanging up with the rest of my Holiday Cards.
Pole Videos and Chill Winter Polepunzel Box - Subscription Club for Pole Dancers

The box was designed to match the theme this season. A nice icy blue and matching snowflakes that you'll see throughout the box!


Pole Videos and Chill Winter Polepunzel Box - Subscription Club for Pole Dancers
The color scheme selected for this box were metallics and icy blue! ❄️



Pole Videos and Chill Winter Polepunzel Box - Subscription Club for Pole Dancers - Cleo the Hurricane Velvet Bottoms

Cleo The Hurricane - Crushed Velvet Winter's Chill Bottoms

How gorgeous are these bottoms?! When I started The Polepunzel Box, the plan was to be able design and order custom bottoms that match the theme each Season. For the Winter Box, I was able to collaborate with the amazingly talented Cleo The Hurricane and find the perfect fabric for the theme! (and crushed velvet is SO the hotness right now!)

While these were a special limited edition for the box, she has some other awesome velvet pieces in her shop! Go check it out!


Pole Videos and Chill Metallic Tank Top by Polepunzel

I had planned and ordered the tank tops to have a gold foil print for this season, but funny story, these tank tops actually came to me in the wrong color and late in the 11th hour too! 😓

I had to frantically figure out what to do as I could not in good conscious send out tanks tops with a blinding mustard yellow color which did not fit my theme at all...

Luckily my amazing pole sister had a heat press in her garage and I was able to foil over the yellow myself! Because of this, each tank top was hand made with love by me!  😘


 Pole dancer necklace

Love Pole Dancing Necklace by Polepunzel

When I attended Pole Expo in the Summer the number one item requested at my booth was pole dancer necklaces!

I was pretty bummed I didn't have any to offer people, but this made me realize I should offer it as one of the products in my box! It took awhile for this item to come into a physical product from concept, but I was able to do it in time for the Winter Box!

The pendant is a dancer doing one of my favorite moves and if you look very closely, I added a little heart. ❤️

I also found these cute little blue bags to package them in that matched the design of the box!

I only have a very few extra of these left in the shop and they will never be made again!



Happy Poling Trinket / Jewelry Dish by Polepunzel

I just recently got engaged (Yay! 💍) and I found myself not knowing what to do with my ring when I am off to Pole class. So I made a little trinket dish for myself to hold my ring while I'm off at the studio! Since I was including a necklace in this box, I figure I would make all of my subscribers their own dish to hold their jewelry for when the go off poling!


Dew Point Body Grip by Dew Point Pole

I was born and raised in New York and Winter can be pretty chilly and dry over there. It's so chilly that my skin usually ends up pretty dry and dry skin can be a nightmare when trying to stick to a pole!

Every season I pick a grip and it only made sense to pick one that would help my subscribers stick during the chilly season! Dew Point Pole naturally moisturizes your skin while increasing your grip on the pole! Perfect for the dry chilly season! 🌬


Pole Dancing Socks

Pole Dancer Pride Socks & Pole Dancing on an Ugly Sweater Socks

Yay socks! These were also another custom project I was hoping to fit into the Winter Box! I am so happy I was able to get the in time!

I made these for subscribers who wear socks wile they pole, or just want to hang out on the couch and #PoleVideosandChill! 😉

These were made just for box subscribers! I have very few left and they are first come first serve in the shop!



 That about sums it up for the Winter Season's Polepunzel Box! A lot of thought and planning went into each element and I really hope you loved it!

Don't miss out on what I have planned for the next box!

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